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Richmond Garden Club

Garden Club Question Time with expert Martin Fish

Martin has been gardening since he was a boy helping his Grandma in her traditional cottage garden. He has since gone on to broaden his horticultural field by training and working in a council parks department then moving on to own his own landscape/nursery business. He writes for various garden publications and is a garden expert on BBC Radio. He loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and talking about all things gardening, so is looking forward to joining Richmond Garden Club for question time.

Richmond Garden Club

Jane Morris "Plants of Tomorrow: What science has in store for our gardens"

Plants that light up at night, apples and potatoes that won't go brown - these are just some of the things we might see in garden centres one day. On a more practical level, scientists are also developing plants that grow more efficiently and need fewer chemicals and fertilizers. But does that mean they'll all be genetically modified? Many GM plants are banned within Europe. Jane will explain in layman's terms what other scientific methods are being used that might not be regarded as GM

Louise Lewis Chic Vintique Fair

Love vintage & retro? Or are you looking for a gift & card? Come to the Chic Vintique Craft & Vintage fairs and you’ll find a wide range of traders selling everything from quirky vintage to that perfect gift or collectable. No two fairs are ever the same!