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North Yorkshire Wine Society

Paul Tate-Smith presents Wines of Chile and Argentina


The North Yorkshire Wine Society (NYWS) has been in existence since 1972, its purpose and emphasis being on the exploration and enjoyment of a wide variety of wines. There is something of interest for everyone from beginners to experts, and all the major wine areas of the world are covered in a relaxed atmosphere. 
We aim to have 10 “tasting meetings” per year, plus a Summer party and a Christmas dinner. 
The annual subscription is £25 per person, and the charge for tasting meetings is £15. Bring your own supper.


Richmond Garden Club

Jane Morris "Plants of Tomorrow: What science has in store for our gardens"

Plants that light up at night, apples and potatoes that won't go brown - these are just some of the things we might see in garden centres one day. On a more practical level, scientists are also developing plants that grow more efficiently and need fewer chemicals and fertilizers. But does that mean they'll all be genetically modified? Many GM plants are banned within Europe. Jane will explain in layman's terms what other scientific methods are being used that might not be regarded as GM