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Registered Charity Collections

House-to-house charitable collections, now more than ever, are an important source of income for local and national charities.

Charities or commercial companies collecting on behalf of charities are required to obtain a licence from us before they can run a house-to-house collection. This helps to ensure that collections are not carried out under false pretences or under fraudulent circumstances.

A list of those charities that are legally allowed to collect items this month can be viewed here.


Richmond Town Hall

9.30am - 10.30am

To register your interest contact Jane on 07919623680




Balance Yoga

New Hatha Yoga Classes

We all seek balance.  Let us help you find yours.

At Balance Yoga we teach traditional hatha yoga.  Time is taken with each pose to work towards 'effortless effort', working with your body to rebalance yourself, within and without.  Body, mind and soul are connected and calmed through the practice of postures, breathing and meditation.  Where exercise can consume, hatha yoga nourishes.

For more details or to book a class, contact 07982104144

Time Together Tuesday

A community wellbeing cafe

A relaxed friendly group, run by volunteers with support from Dementia Forward.

Join us for a light lunch, games and good company.

Open to everyone, particularly people living with dementia and their families.